Hypnotherapy and NL Sheffield

Hypnotherapy and NLP Sheffield

Hypnotherapy is often confused with stage hypnosis and there is a common misconception that people can be hypnotised against their will. In actual fact, hypnotherapy is a gentle, relaxing but highly effective way for a person to heal themselves and change unwanted habits, patterns of behaviour or troubling thoughts.

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How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Hypnotherapy works easily and effectively by relaxing the person and enabling their subconscious mind to form a bridge with their conscious mind so that lasting change can occur. The subconscious mind is a little like our control centre for our habits, emotions and feelings. The subconscious mind accepts all the information which it is given, believing it to be true. It doesn’t have the capacity for logic or critical thought, which is how the hypnotherapist is able to work on the client’s subconscious by using a range of techniques to suggest and encode new, healthier, more appropriate ways of behaviour. It’s a little like massage for the mind...

Hypnosis has been around for over 4000 years. It can be traced back to Ancient Greece and Egypt, where people sought healing through a range of means. Since the eighteenth century, a number of eminent hypnotherapists have contributed to and developed this practice. Puysegur introduced the idea of facilitating clients’ deep relaxation, so that effective healing could be brought about.

More recently, Erickson pioneered the idea of clients using their subconscious mind to resolve problems and heal themselves. Typically, a hypnotherapy session will feel relaxing but also energising. You won’t feel hypnotised and you may be surprised at how in control you are, despite being deeply relaxed. It is through this deeply relaxed state, often called trance that you are able to bring about lasting change and let go of these unwanted habits, patterns of behaviour or troubling thoughts.

Annie Ashdown, a hypnotherapist writing on www.hypnotherapy-directory.org.uk , sites many famous people as successful recipients of hypnotherapy. Amongst them are Prince Harry, Kate Moss, Matt Damon and Kate Middleton.

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